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Hasty is the easiest and fastest wordpress generator for code snippets

Hasty ? is the best way to generate custom code for your WordPress project easily and fast.
There are many generators for WP, but Hasty really saves you time, because it’s magic.
Don’t believe it? Then try out a WordPress generator from Hasty,
wheter it’s the shortcode generator, the custom-post-type generator
or the Visual Composer Elements Generator… they are all magic and for sure… free.

About Hasty

Hasty was built to speed up your WordPress development. There are many WordPress plugins, which help you to generate shortcodes, custom post types and other useful stuff. And there are other online generators, like GenerateWP, which will also help you to generate code in a easy way. But simplicity and speed can be always improved. So I built Hasty for my daily work. Hasty generates shortcodes in seconds, while with other tools you need minutes. Or with Hasty you can choose a language in the custom post type generator, with other generator tools you have to translate default phrases on your own. This is still not efficient. So after a few weeks with Hasty, I decided to rebuilt it, so everyone can use it.

  • Is Hasty completely free?

    Hasty is completely free. There are no hidden costs. Just choose a generator and generate the code. You can use it in commercial and in non-commercial projects.

    Feel free to give an attribution.

  • What does Hasty do?

    Hasty generates code snippets for WordPress, which you can use in your projects. It speeds up your development. So you can focus on things that are more important. You can use different generators. Shortcode generator, custom post type generator, taxonomy generator... it's up to you.

  • How does Hasty work?

    🐰 A magician never reveals his tricks. 😉

  • Why should I use Hasty instead of GenerateWP?

    You can use whatever you want. With GenerateWP you can save your snippets and there a lot more generators like the menu generator, the wp-config.php generator and many more. In Hasty you don't need an account, because you can't save snippets, but generating a snippet is a much more faster than in GenerateWP.

The team behind Hasty

Hasty Team Benjamin Koehler

Benjamin Koehler // founder

I am a ambitious WordPress developer from germany. I love to build things, which make life easier. That is why I built Hasty. For me, Hasty is a heart project. It is also the fastest code generator for WordPress snippets, like shortcodes, taxonomies, custom post types and so on.

Hasty team member Milow

Milow Koehler // co-shareholder

I am a unemployed dog from russia. I love to eat, because it makes my life easier. I HATE Hasty. It's a stupid project from my master. Before he started to built Hasty, he had more time to play and to take me for walkies. Now he is sooooo busy and funniest thing about this is, he takes no money for Hasty. Stupid human.