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Help & Tutorial


Use this tool to register and enqueue custom scripts on your WordPress site with wp_enqueue_script() function.

How to use

  • Fill in the form on the left.
  • Copy the generated code to the clipboard.
  • Paste it into your project (functions.php or something that is enqueued there).

Hint: Don’t forget to save the snippet to reuse it later.

Quick Tutorial

Basic settings for your hook

Firstly you want to select a name for the snippet, to find it in Hasty for later use.

After you finished that, name your function. Please make sure, that the function name is unique, to prevent errors within your project. Also select where to hook the custom scripts.

Define scripts to add them to your hook

Now it’s time to select your custom scripts. Select a unique name for your script, and define the path. It’s recommended to select a URL path relative to your theme. This can safe you tons of time if your theme path has to be changed later on. Make sure to write down the dependency, if there are any other scripts that need to be loaded to make your custom script work. A script version can be defined optionally. This is recommended to be flexible when cache busting is necessary. If the version isn’t defined, the currently installed WordPress version number will be applied. Last but not least select when to load the scripts. Some scripts need to be loaded last to make sure that all necessary DOM elements are available and other DOM elements wont be blocked by your running scripts.

Feel free to add more scripts to your queue by hitting the plus sign. Don’t forget to save your snippet (PRO only), so you can revise it and add more scripts later on.

If you need help or support, you have to purchase PRO
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