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Help & Tutorial


Use this tool to register a custom post type on your WordPress site with register_post_type() function.

Custom Post Type demo screenshot

How to use

  • Fill in the form on the left.
  • Copy the generated code to the clipboard.
  • Paste it into your project (functions.php or something that is enqueued there).

Hint: Don’t forget to save the snippet to reuse it later.

Quick Tutorial

Basic Settings

Firstly you want to select a name for the snippet, to find it in Hasty for later use. (PRO only)

After you finished that, name your custom post type. A singular and a plural name is needed to set the correct labels at the backend. Please make sure to set a unique post type key, to prevent errors. This is the key you will use in your queries within your project.

Optionally you can select a shot description of the custom post type and a text-domain. The text-domain makes your theme translatable.

Advanced Settings

Now that all basic settings are made it’s time to define how the custom post type will behave. Check the hints for a short description of each argument. In most cases the default settings from Hasty will make it work. However it is recommended to specify the arguments depending on your needs.

If you are missing any languages for the post type labels we appreciate new translations via mail

Available features

After all settings are made, define what built in features you need on your post editing screen. By activating only the necessary features, you make sure that the post editing screen is nice and simple.

If more specific fields are needed check out the Metabox Generator! (PRO only)

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